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The Beginning

Grounded began as an idea of creating company merchandise for Grounds and Greens Cafe. When this idea was brought up to the owners, Annika and Kate were encouraged to think bigger and turn their idea into a small business. This is how the idea for Grounded quickly grew into something much larger.

Our Values

We value expression, community and quality.

Expression is the ability to provide a space where everyone's voices are heard. This includes using Grounded as a platform where we are also able to creatively express ourselves through our clothing.

Community means supporting others. We created Grounded with the goal of fostering relationships with other small businesses. We see the value that comes from supporting others whether that be through collaborations, charity events or partnerships. In this way, an entire community can benefit by working together.

We care about the quality of our products. Each one is created from the ground up. We work with a designer who helps us pick the exact fabric, stitching, labels, size and fit that aligns with our vision, without compromising the quality. Our garments are meant to last.

Putting these values into practice allows us to create a community where everyone is able to express themselves and feel good about wearing high quality, long-lasting garments.

Meet The Crew

Annika and Kate are the creators behind Grounded. Both girls began working at Grounds and Greens Cafe in 2020, where they met each other and became close friends.

Annika graduated from the University of Victoria in 2021 with a degree in Recreation and Health Education. She has always been passionate about exercise and wellbeing, however, when she began working at Grounds and Greens Cafe she realized that she had a passion for business and marketing as well.

Kate graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2021 with a degree in Linguistics and Psychology while working at Grounds and Greens Cafe. Realizing the opportunities for growth and business experience that the cafe provided, she joined Annika in the creation of Grounded.


The Cafe

Grounds and Greens Cafe fostered the growth of Grounded. It is a vegan cafe located in White Rock, BC. All of the Grounded products are sold in the cafe as well as online.

Stay Grounded, Reconnect Your Roots